Firewall checkup

Below you’ll find an overview of frequently asked questions regarding the firewall checkup service. Is your question missing? Please feel free to contact us.


What is a firewall checkup?

During a checkup a customers firewall gets cleaned up completely. A firewall checkup starts with thoroughly examining a fixed set of components (firewall, web filter, mail filter, Intrusion Prevention, performance). Based on the findings, adjustments necessary to increase the security level of the firewall are then implemented.


How long does it take to perform a firewall checkup?

It takes 2 days to perform this service.


What is the difference between a checkup and a security assessment?

The difference can be found in two things:

  • The object of examination
    A checkup focuses on inspecting the firewall. A security assessment on the other hand can involve examining the entire network.
  • The outcome
    At the end of a security assessment the customer receives an advisory report describing how that particular organization can increase the current security level. The scope of a security assessment is thereby limited to providing insight. During a firewall checkup the identified necessary adjustments are actually implemented. The outcome is a cleaned up firewall.


Is a checkup suitable for any organization size?

Normally checkups are performed in >250 user environments. However, high security environments will sometimes request a checkup, despite of a lower number of users. 


How often should I get a firewall checkup?

Performing a checkup every year is advisable to keep a firewall in good condition.