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Webroot Security Awareness Training

Prevent data leaks - Webroot Security Awareness Training


Webroot Security Awareness Training consists of various online courses that provide users with insight into how cybersecurity works, how phishers, hackers and social engineers work and what to look out for when they use mail, social networks and internet .

Users remain the biggest threat to network security, even with large investments in the security infrastructure. Are employees aware of advanced phishing attacks and are they able to recognize these phishing emails? By creating awareness, a lot of suffering can be prevented and the risk of loss or damage to digital documents reduced. With an awareness campaign you can simulate what a legitimate hacker would do. That way it can be tested whether employees are aware of a phishing attack.


Based on Securecast, Webroot Security Awareness Training offers managed service providers (MSPs) and companies a solution to reduce the risks and costs of phishing, ransomware and other cyber threats by training the end user.


With Webroot Security Awareness Training you have all the tools you need to easily and effectively manage security awareness campaigns with maximum impact on the end user


Do you want to know how it works? 
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Webroot Security Awareness Training

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Webroot Product Update april 2019

Lees over de nieuwe features in de Security Awareness Trainig icm de Global Management Console







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