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Webroot DNS Protection

Essential web security you can set up in minutes


Reduce the number of malware threats that infect your network and endpoints by up to 90% or more


These days, using the internet is a high risk activity for every business, regardless of size. From users browsing inadvertently to websites that deliver malvertising, to drive-by downloads that immediately drop ransomware and other malware from a command and control server, uncontrolled web usage on the corporate network is fraught with risk.


Webroot DNS Protection stops malware before it enters your network!


Webroot DNS Protection will be launched soon.


With Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection, there’s a straightforward and highly effective way to prevent everyday web usage from becoming a major security risk. The intuitive web-based SecureAnywhere DNS Protection console enables admins to finely tune web access policies by IP address or IP range, and limit access to any other websites that you may consider a risk to your network. Webroot offers over 82 URL categories, ranging from Abused Drugs to Violence and Weapons, allowing admins to determine the right usage policies for their organization.


Webroot DNS Protection Benefits:

  • Webfiltering based on categories
  • No hardware or software to install
  • Block malware and other threats at the domain level
  • Enable policy by IP or IP range
  • On-demand drill-down reporting
  • Powered by Webroot BrightCloud® web classification


Would you like to see a preview?

Soon we will be able to give a webinar to demonstrate this new product of Webroot.
Sign up in advance! We will inform you as soon as we have planned this session.



Webroot DNS Protection voor MSP's

Lees meer over de voordelen van Webroot DNS Protection voor MSP's

Webroot DNS Protection

Lees meer over de voordelen van Webroot DNS Protection in deze datasheet


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