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Hillstone Security Management Platform


Hillstone Security Management Platform (HSM)


Hillstone’s Security Manager enhances network security by allowing businesses to segment their networks into multiple virtual domains. Domains can be based on geography, business unit or security function. It provides the versatility needed to manage Hillstone’s infrastructure while simplifying configuration, accelerating deployment cycles, and reducing management overhead.


Hillstone Securtiy Management Platform

The Hillstone Security Management Platform is characterized by:

  • Multi-Domain Security
  • Simplified Provisioning and Management

Read all about these characteristics.


Hillstone Security Audit Platform (HSA)


ISPs, universities, large enterprises, government agencies, and large data centers generate millions of events everyday. They require high performance log storage and near instantaneous query results to analyze an explosion of data generated by today’ s Next Generation Firewalls.


Hillstone’s Security Audit Platform transforms log data into security intelligence with split-second searches that provide instant visibility into billions of log records..


Hillstone’s Security Audit Platform collects and collates NAT, Threat, URL and Session logs and provides granular search capabilities that provide real-time visibility into network traffic.


The Hillstone Security Audit Platform is characterized by:

  • Network Visibility
  • High Performance Log Processing
  • Powerful Queries

Read all about these characteristics.


Hillstone Security Management Platform (HSM)

Learn more about the Hillstone Security Management Platform from this datasheet

Hillstone Security Audit Platform (HSA)

Read all about the Hillstone Security Audit Platform (HSA) in this datasheet.


  • Domain Based Management (HSM)
  • Role-based Administration (HSM)
  • Centralized Management (HSM)
  • Log Management (HSM + HSA)
  • Configuration Management (HSM)
  • Centralized Reporting (HSM)
  • Alerts (HSM)
  • Device Monitoring (HSA)
  • Report Management (HSA)
  • System Management (HSA)


Uitgebreide details betreffende deze features vindt u in de bovengenoemde datasheets.


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