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Hillstone Next-Generation Data Center Firewall


Hillstone X-Series Data Center Firewalls


Designed for the unique requirements of a data center

The Hillstone X10800 Data Center Firewall offers outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability, for high-speed service providers, large enterprises and carrier networks. The product is based on an innovative fully distributed architecture that fully implements firewalls with high throughput, concurrent connections, and new sessions. Hillstone X10800 also supports large-capacity virtual firewalls, providing flexible security services for virtualized environments, and features such as application identification, traffic management, intrusion prevention, and attack prevention to fully protect data center network security. 


Hillstone’s Elastic Security Architecture: A breakthrough technology for data centers!

With traffic explosively increasing, data center firewalls need powerful capabilities to handle high traffic and massive concurrent user access, as well as the ability to effectively cope with sudden bursts of user activity. Therefore, data center firewalls must not only have high throughput but also extremely high concurrent connections and new session processing capabilities.


The Hillstone X10800 Data Center Firewall adopts an innovative, fully distributed architecture to implement distributed high-speed processing of service traffic on Service Modules (SSMs) and Interface Modules (IOMs) through intelligent traffic distribution algorithms. Through patented resource management algorithms, it allows for the full potential of distributed multi-core processor platforms, to further increase the performance of firewall concurrent connections, new sessions per second, and achieve a fullly linear expansion of system performance. The X10800 data center firewall can process up to 1 Tbps, up to 10 million new sessions per second, and up to 480 million concurrent connections. The device can provide up to 44 100GE interfaces, 88 10G interfaces, or 22 40GE interface, 132 10G interface expansion capabilities. Moreover, the packet forwarding delay is less than 10us, which can fully meet a data center’s demand for real-time service forwarding.


The Hillstone X10800 is characterized by:

  • Carrier-grade reliability
  • Leading virtual firewall technology
  • Granular application control and comprehensive security
  • Strong network adaptability

Read more about these characteristics



Datasheet Hillstone X-Series X7180 Data Center Firewall

Lees meer details over de Hillstone X-Series X7180 Data Center Firewall in de datasheet

Datasheet Hillstone X-Series X10800 Data Center Firewall

Read all about the Hillstone X-Series Data Center Firewall in this datasheet.


  • Network Services
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Attack Defense
  • URL Filtering
  • IP Reputation
  • ​Endpoint Identification and Control
  • ​Application Control
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Server Load Balancing
  • Link Load Balancing
  • VPN
  • IPv6
  • VSYS
  • High Availability
  • ​Twin-Mode HA
  • User and Device Identity
  • Administration
  • Logs & Reporting
  • ​Statistics and Monitoring

Extensive details regarding these features can be found in the datasheet above.



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