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Hillstone Network Intrusion Prevention System


Hillstone S-Series Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS)


As the threat landscape continues to evolve aggressively, an increasing number of network protection technologies have quickly emerged. Among these various technologies, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) remains one of the most widely deployed solutions, regardless of platform or form factor.


Hillstone Network-based IPS (NIPS) appliance operates in-line, and at wire speed, performing deep packet inspection, and assembling inspection of all network traffic. It also applies rules based on several methodologies, including protocol anomaly analysis and signature analysis to block threats. Hillstone NIPS can be deployed in the network to inspect traffic left undetected by perimeter solutions, and is an integral part of network security systems for its high-performance, no compromise, best-of-breed protection capability and broad and flexible deployment scenarios.


The Hillstone S-Series Network Intrusion Prevention System is characterized by:

  • Unparalleled Threat Protection without performance compromise

  • Granular Reporting with User Targeted Viewpoints

  • Ease of Deployment

  • Centralized Management

Read more about these characteristics.


Hillstone S-Series Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS)

Lees meer over de Hillstone S-Series Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS) in deze datasheet.


  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Abnormal Behavior Detection
  • Cloud-Sandbox
  • Anti-Virus
  • URL Filtering
  • Application Control
  • High Availability
  • Visible Administration
  • Logs & Reporting

Extensive details regarding these features can be found in the datasheet above.


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