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Hillstone Cloud Sandbox


Hillstone Cloud Sandbox


Malicious File Identification and Detection Platform


Advanced Malware has become so sophisticated that it can easily evade traditional security solutions including firewalls, IPS and Anti-Virus technologies. To address advanced malware, the Hillstone Cloud Sandbox delivers a unique, advanced threat detection platform that can emulate the execution environment and analyze all activities related to malicious files, identify advanced threats and collaborate with existing solutions to provide rapid remediation.


Three modules
The Hillstone Cloud Sandbox is comprised of three modules: Static Analysis, Behavioral Analysis and Cloud Intelligence. The three modules work together to ensure the efficiency and efficacy of malicious files detection.

Static analysis: Hillstone cloud sandbox executes static signature analysis of the files, such as identification of file types, file format, and the known malware signature. Additionally, the front filter technology (E.g. URL whitelist, file signature validation, sample database on cloud) can screen out the known threats to reduce the workload of sandbox.


Behavioral Analysis: Hillstone Cloud Sandbox can simulate multiple operation systems and running environments, and trigger file behaviors in the simulated environments that closely resemble real ones in production environments. The Sandbox uses a machine learning model to validate the file behavior.


Cloud Intelligence: By using threats intelligence information compiled globally from Hillstone network nodes, Hillstone Cloud Sandbox compares the static information and behavior of the files against the intelligence information, such as malware signatures, phishing websites and malicious domain names, and attaches every file with a risk evaluation score, rather than simply defining it as good or bad.


Through static analysis, behavioral analysis and cloud intelligence, Hillstone Cloud Sandbox detects malware with a low false-positive rate and high detection rate.


The Hillstone Cloud Sandbox is charactarized by:

  • High detection rate with both static and behavioral analysis

  • Instant deployment of cloud infrastructure

  • Protection of encrypted traffic

  • Measurements against the anti-sandbox technology

  • Comprehensive threats information in the reports

  • Constantly updating signature database

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Hillstone Cloud Sandbox


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