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Hillstone Advanced Micro-segmentation Firewall


Hillstone CloudHive

Micro-Segmentation Solution for a.o. Virtualized Data Centers (VDC)


Hillstone CloudHive provides micro-segmentation to secure each virtual machine (VM) in the cloud. It provides comprehensive visibility of East-West traffic and provides complete protection to stop lateral attacks between VMs. In addition, the CloudHive security service can scale easily to meet demand without business interruption.


Hillstone CloudHive is comprised of three types of virtual modules that work together as a single appliance to provide complete security to each virtual machine.


Virtual Security Orchestration Module (vSOM)
The Virtual Security Orchestration Module (vSOM) is integrated and connected with Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs). It manages the CloudHive service lifecycle.


Virtual Security Service Module (vSSM)
The Virtual Security Service Module (vSSM)  is deployed on each physical server to implement micro-segmentation and provide L2-L7 security services.


Virtual Security Control Module (vSCM)
The Virtual Security Control Module (vSCM) is the control panel, supporting policy configuration and distribution, as well as managing the lifecycle of the vSSM.


This micro-segmentation firewall offers the following advantages :

  • Achieve unparalleled live traffic visibility
  • Reduce attack surface to nearly zero
  • Effortlessly scale security through active orchestration
  • Improve efficiency while reducing costs​

Read more about these interesting advantages


Hillstone CloudHive

Read more about the Hillstone CloudHive in this datasheet


  • Application Control
  • Visibility
  • Firewall
  • Attack Defense
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Anti-Virus
  • Deployment
  • High Availability
  • Management
  • Virtualization Compatiblity

    Extensive details regarding these features can be found in the datasheet above.


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