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Email has become an integral part of our lives when it comes to modern communication. Without thinking twice, we daily send confidential files that may contain privacy-sensitive information via email browsers such as Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Is the email attachment too large? Then we all, just as easily, choose to use a free and Cloud-based file transfer tool. But as an organization, you want to be absolutely sure that there is no risk of data leaking out and information falling into the wrong hands. Moreover, the GDPR legislation dictates that you have to be able to show where your files that contain personal data are stored when you click the ‘send’ button. 


This is why you have to stop sending, forwarding, and dropping confidential files into the Cloud today. Prevent your information from being intercepted, accessed and read, or not being deleted after the indicated retention time. The solution is FileCap: a tool that is GDPR-compliant, so you and your organizations can rest assured that you are using a secure and very user-friendly secure email and file transfer tool.


The simplicity of FileCap


The server on which FileCap is installed will be located in a secure, demilitarized zone (DMZ) within your organization or with a local data centre. The server can be accessed via a web portal. Employees will then be able to upload and download files via this portal. This is entirely similar to the free transfer tools we all know but then infinitely better and safer, as you now know where all your files are hosted and you maintain control. Most companies and organizations that use FileCap appreciate our GDPR-compliant file transfer tools for three reasons: user-friendliness, encryption, and security.



E-mail encryption: a function that can not fail on your list of cyber-safe measures


FileCap is not only known as the GDPR-secure file transfer solution that allows you to send and receive privacy-sensitive files by e-mail. FileCap even goes a step further in information security.


FileCap makes it possible to send and receive your e-mail message securely encrypted. Also privacy and organization-sensitive e-mails can only be viewed by the person for whom the message is intended. Includes encrypted conversational capabilities, which you can save in a PDF document even at the end of encrypted e-mail correspondence. You experience e-mail encryption with the same ease of use as you are used to with the secure file-transfer options. Via the FileCap user portal or, for example, with the handy integration options in your Microsoft Outlook.


FileCap for MSPs


The FileCap multi tenant Managed Service Platform offers a great added value for the services of every Managed Service Provider. As a Managed Service Provider, you can use this platform to offer a FileCap Managed File Transfer solution in a fast and safe way while combining it with the clever and profitable FileCap partner program. Hosted from your own environment and with a high level of reseller and user comfort. Ideal for your business relationships who want to use FileCap for their organization but who don’t have the required infrastructure.


Multitenancy to the highest level


This multi tenancy setup is also extremely suitable for Shared Service Centers or large organizations within a holding or for divisions within a multinational who want to have their own FileCap portal. This makes it possible to set up a console in which, for example, 40 clients or divisions can be incorporated.


A few of the advantages are:

  • Easy license management
  • Personalization by applying your own corporate identity
  • Managed Service Dashboard
  • Private hosted
  • High-quality encryption methods (AES-256bits)

What do users and resellers say about FileCap?


Read all about it in the reference cases on the FileCap website



FileCap MSP Datasheet

Learn more about how MSPs can offer their customers a safe solution for sharing large files.

FileCap Infographic AVG/GDPR

Hoe voldoet u met FileCap aan de AVG? Lees meer in deze infographic


More information about the comprehensive secure email and file transfer features in FileCap can be found in this datasheet.


  • Outlook plug-in
  • Email encryption
  • Intuitive FileCap Web portal
  • Sharepoint add-in
  • Mac client 
  • Multi tenant
  • FileCap app (iOS)
  • FileCap API


Technical and commercial assistance whenever you need it

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