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Carbonite Back-up for Microsoft 365




Features for Carbonite Back-up for Microsoft 365:

  • Comprehensive protection for the entire Microsoft 365 suite
  • Restore granular data, including mailboxes, conversations, projects and more
  • Perform site-level rollback to easily restore Microsoft 365 data
  • Create granular policies for what should be protected
  • Run backups up to four times per day, with flexible retention options
  • Enjoy on-boarding and recovery support from experts, 24x7




Carbonite® Backup for Microsoft 365

  • Thorough protection for the complete Microsoft 365 suite
  • Restore data for Teams, Onedrive, SharePoint, Exchange, etc..
  • Complete freedom in storage distribution
  • Easy dashboard and one portal for all
  • Delegated access
  • Versatile back-up features
  • Recover only what you need
  • 24/7 customer support


The Microsoft 365 SLA has some options to perform data recovery, but that doesn't apply to common data loss scenarios like ransomware and mistakes made by employees. Sadly lots of companies aren't aware of this risk. To avoid loss of data a backup service is essential for any MSP customer using Microsoft 365. Carbonite Back-up for Microsoft 365 offers a variety of features to back up data from the entire suite of Microsoft services.


What is Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365?

Carbonite® Backup for Microsoft 365 is a backup service for the full range of Microsoft 365 services, including


  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Skype for Business
  • Exchange
  • Planner


Complete freedom in storage distribution

Carbonite pricing depends on the number of terabytes you purchased. Within your reseller account you have complete freedom in storage distribution. You can manage data for multiple clients and move space between them at will.


One portal for all

The Carbonite portal is very easy to manage with one portal for all. Track and report every backup and restore job through the central console and send email notifications with in-depth details of the backup and recovery process. Carbonite® Backup for Microsoft 365 gives you full insight into how backup and restore services are used.


Delegated access

Allow lower-level administrators and expert users by any Microsoft 365 scope.


Carbonite’s versatile MS O365 backup features

You can run regular backups for your client every six hours or up to four times per day. If this is too much, settings can be adjusted to a lower frequency. Backup data is securely stored on Microsoft Azure in the safe Carbonite cloud. Here are more of Carbonite’s versatile backup features.


Recover only what you need

Speed up your restoration and recover only what you need. Carbonite® Backup for Microsoft 365 has different recovery options available:

  • Granular recover Microsoft 365 content while maintaining permissions and metadata
  • Restore content back to the original place, like mailboxes or OneDrive, instead of home only
  • Perform security rollback and reverse unintended permissions
  • Identify content by its type, such as date, email subject, size, list name, folder name owner, date created, file size, folder name, etcetera
  • Use full-text search option to track down important files or emails
  • Point-in-time recovery: a convenient and intelligent calendar interface .
  • Intelligent conflict resolution at different levels to ensure the most trustworthy version of content is restored.


We have a lot more to tell you about Carbonite Back-up for Microsoft 365

For end-users: please contact your MSP or ICT-manager

For resellers: 30-day free trial of Carbonite® Backup for Microsoft 365

Or contact by phone00 31 53 428 56 10


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