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Mojo Networks: Next-Generation WiFi Infrastructure


On August 8th of 2018, Mojo Networks was taken over by Arista
Until further notice you can contact us for all your questions and orders for the products of Mojo Networks.


Companies active in the care, education or business market are asking for a stable Wi-Fi network that is safe and capable of prioritizing certain network traffic. Mojo Networks offers secure, wireless networking solutions. Mojo's intelligent solutions offer the unique ability to manage Wi-Fi access points through the cloud, and provide high security and user insights.


The Mojo Networks products offer the following benefits:



Simple cloud management - no controller required
With Mojo, wifi access points can be managed from the cloud, from anywhere and at any time. This makes remote management very easy. For example, network administrators see, via the cloud control panel, whether additional access points are needed and where they need to be installed to ensure a full and optimal wifi network. If access points are added, they automatically adjust the correct configuration



Mojo Aware - Proactive Troubleshooting
Possible problems on the network are immediately spotted with Mojo Aware . The use of big data analysis and root cause analysis solves the problem itself. External deviations, such as user logon problems on the wireless network, are immediately detected and reported. Network administrators immediately get the right information to fix the problem.



Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) - Secure Network

Mojo's Wi-Fi networks ensure that all wireless attacks, threats and devices are automatically detected and classified. Devices recognized by the network as corporate devices are automatically set on the Mojo network, so Wi-Fi from unknown external networks (from nearby properties) is never choosen.



User insight

Mojo's access points indicate where the device that uses or wants to use the network is physically located. Unwanted intruders can be detected easily and lost devices can be found faster. There are also interesting applications in care: patients in care homes carrying an appliance make it easier to monitor.



Engagement - Marketing purposes

Mojo's Social Wi-Fi & Analytics allows users to log in to the network for free on the basis of their social media account. The company can then contact the customer by sending offers or relevant information. Mojo analyzes customer data and submits it in a clear report




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