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With FileCap, the GGD Utrecht no longer has to use couriers
Charles Seegers
About this client: 

The GGD (Municipal Health Service) for the Utrecht area protects, safeguards, and promotes the health of over 1.2 million residents in 26 municipalities in the province of Utrecht. The GGD is, amongst other things, involved in health research, provides vaccinations, advises municipalities on their health-related policies, and offers support to schools and day care centres on a healthy learning environment for children. Additionally, the GGD offers assistance in case of incidents in the region. The GGD Utrecht has 700 employees divided over nearly 60 locations.


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Contec and this client: 

The GGD  (Municipal Health Service) Utrecht is concerned with the health of more than one million inhabitants. The medical records that the organization manages contain privacy-sensitive information. If previously information from the files had to be shared with other healthcare institutions or Municipal Health Services, couriers or USB sticks with encryption were used. Because this procedure is time-consuming and not risk-free the search for a secure way of forwarding files and emails started. This solution had to be very user-friendly. Moreover, the organization did not want to manage the data in the cloud, but on its own server.


FileCap turned out to be the right solution for this.


"Many companies do not realize that email is a relatively old-fashioned product, allowing uninvited guests to view it. For us as Municipal Health Service it is essential to counteract this, and to e-mail files in such a way that security is guaranteed. FileCap provides us with this", says Charles Seegers, system administrator at GGD region Utrecht.


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