X-serie data center firewalls from Hillstone. Read the interview with Bert Janssen, IT security consultant

X-serie data center firewalls from Hillstone

Bert Janssen from IT-distributor Contec B.V. explains why the X-serie data center firewalls from Hillstone Networks, Inc. are very suitable for managed service providers (MSPs), enterprises and networks from data centers.


The security products of Hillstone Networks may not be known to everyone, but do have a strong reputation. Market researcher Gartner places them in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls year after year and in NSS Labs' tests the products repeatedly score high. Various IT journals also praise Hillstone with awards. What does Hillstone offer that makes security experts so enthusiastic? Bert Janssen, IT security consultant at Contec, the Hillstone distributor in the Netherlands, explains why the Hillstone Intelligent Next Generation X-series firewalls are very suitable for securing companies and networks of data centers, regardless of whether this is a physical, virtual or cloud environment.


Hillstone is great in technique and management
Bert Janssen: "Hillstone Networks is a technology company that employs 400 core developers. And that is reflected directly in the quality of the product and all the beautiful features that go with it. At the same time, they keep a close eye on the ease of management. One of the most impressive products is Hillstone's X-series firewalls for data centers. This is a complete security solution for physical, virtual and hybrid environments. We deliver the X-series to data centers and to managed service providers, or MSPs. "


Hillstone’s X-serie firewalls for MSPs
"As an MSP, you want the data from your customers to be optimally secured. The data that goes back and forth across the network must be inspected continuously. At the same time, the firewall must not slow down network traffic. Hillstone offers modular systems that have a high-speed throughput and are extremely scalable. But the most important advantage of the X-series is that the firewall can be divided into separate virtual systems, and with that the MSP can assign a separate firewall to each client. Malware has no chance to 'jump' to another customer, and as a result the MSP delivers a very safe proposition. "


X-serie firewalls offer detailed configuration
"But the best of the X-series firewalls is the configuration of these systems, which you can arrange in  detail. The MSP can offer different sizes of firewalls, precisely tailored to the customer. You can, for example, set the performance limit, the maximum capacity or the amount of VPN connections that the customer can set up at a certain moment. And if the customer wants more capacity, then that is a matter of adjusting a rule. The simple scalability per customer is a huge advantage. The firewall itself has a bandwidth limit of 680 gigabit, which can be splitted for hundreds or even thousands of customers. With one firewall, the MSP can secure a huge number of customers. Assigning a firewall is very easy. Hillstone uses APIs and the MSP can easily make changes with an interface. The firewall is then automatically rolled out for every new customer. "


Virtual firewalls for data centers: V-SYS van Hillstone
" Under the name V-SYS Contec also offers virtual firewalls from Hillstone to data centers. Many data centers use firewalls without detailed configuration. That is a costly situation, because in that case a firewall is set up for each customer. The additional disadvantage with virtual security solutions is, that the virtual systems use a lot of resources. This is because of the fact that it involves a few hundred or thousands of security systems that require storage space, memory and power. By using V-SYS, the data center saves on the number of firewalls; with one system it can secure hundreds of customers. Moreover, Hillstone is renowned for its low power consumption, it uses as much as half of what the competition needs on electricity. So this means big savings and it is better for the environment. "


X-serie firewalls  are fast in use
"The Hillstone firewall not only has a particularly high throughput, it can also log extremely fast, without loss of function. It keeps track of everything: connections made, web pages viewed, this means that any session that the firewall allows or has refused is logged. Depending on the size of the company, these are sometimes millions of sessions per minute. But it has more fast applications. For example, if the data center wants to apply intrusion prevention at high speeds, it only needs an additional card. The capacity is hereby increased by tenfold, and thus offers the datacenter a lot of extra power in one go. "


POC’s for data centers and MSPs
"Until recently, we sold Hillstone E-series firewalls mainly to companies that host their own network, or to hospitals, for example. Now we see that there is a growing demand from data centers and MSPs for firewalls that enable detailed configuration. If we approach these companies and show them what the X-series can do, there is a lot of enthusiasm. The product perfectly matches the needs and demands that is current in this sector. During the Proof of Concept setups we show how the system works in practice. The reaction is often that the firewall is indeed very fast and that the interface looks very familiar. But the finishing touch or course remains the detailed configuration, which is a unique application that benefits our customers in many ways. "


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