Mojo Networks launches Mojo Cloud version 8.6

Mojo Networks, supplier of Cognitive Wifi, launches Mojo Cloud version 8.6


What is Cognitive WiFi? Watch this short video.




This release of Mojo Networks contains many terrific enhancements, but two key features stand out: Big Data platform and Network Alerts.


Big Data Fuels Mojo Cognitive WiFi 


Mojo dramatically expands the breadth and depth of data available for the Mojo Cloud Platform with implementation of MapR within the Mojo multiservice architecture to power machine learning, inference engines, and to provide exceptional network analytics. The Mojo Cloud Platform tracks more than 300 KPIs, expands to store more complex data relationships across network elements and attributes; enabling drill-down details across the UI as well as data storage for up to one month.  Key capabilities are:


  • Drill-down for deep insights into  network characteristics and baselines. From the 8.6 dashboard, users are a click away from valuable data insights and guidance to respond to issues.
  • Data saved for thirty (30) days, including drill-down, historical, and KPIs, providing customers with complete visibility across the network.
  • Data insights via open APIs for customers to integrate with 3rd party systems to perform further analysis or address custom business-driven workflows.


Network Alerts


This feature enables IT staff to receive notification of, and respond to, network issues quickly across the entire network as thresholds are exceeded or specific events have occurred. Each alert notification contains event details and recommended actions. Alert notifications are configured and managed from the Mojo Dashboard, providing ultimate flexibility in definition of alert rules across: network elements, location hierarchy, categories, and notification preferences (email, syslog, and display).


Additional 8.6 Enhancements:

  • VoIP-aware Scanning Automation
  • Secure Tunneling

Complete details are available within the Mojo 8.6 Release Notes. You can require these through our sales department.


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Demo Mojo Cognitive Wifi