Mojo Networks: GDPR-compliant Wifi and the first to be ISO-certified!

Mojo Networks: GDPR-compliant Wifi and the first to be ISO-certified! 

Enschede, 22 May 2018 - Mojo Networks, the inventor of Cognitive WiFi™ and a leader in cloud-managed wireless networking, also the first and only vendor of wireless network technology that meets the requirements of ISO 27001: 2013 and SSAE SOC 2, announces that its cloud is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ready. The GDPR privacy law is effective on May 25, and applies to organizations or systems that collect, store and use personal data of EU citizens.


How Mojo Networks guarantees compliance with the GDPR

Mojo Networks offers Mojo Cloud WiFi to customers in the EU. Mojo partners, resellers and customers with a Mojo Cloud WiFi network are designated as controllers, also known as network operators. Mojo acts as a processor on behalf of these network operators.

In accordance with the GDPR, Mojo Networks enters into a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with network operators. This agreement sets out the mutual roles and responsibilities toward GDPR compliance.

How does this work in practice?

  • Imagine: a customer connects to a store's wireless network through a guest sign-in portal. The store provides notification to the customer on the guest sign-in portal using tools and functions provided by Mojo Cloud. Upon customer opt-in, personal data is collected and used by the store.
  • Under the GDPR, a customer has the right to inspect the data that is stored about him or her.The customer asks for a report of his or her personal data that the store has in its systems. The store uses the tools of the Mojo Cloud to retrieve the personal data of the user held in the Mojo Cloud and compiles a customized report for the customer.
  • Under the GDPR the customer can request the removal of his or her personal data.After review of the report, the customer makes a request to the store to delete the customer’s personal data being held by the store on its systems. The store uses the Mojo Cloud tools to erase the customer’s personal data held on the Mojo Cloud.


Rudie Egberink, Technical account manager at Contec, distributor of Mojo Networks: "Dutch organizations are working hard to provide insight into which business adjustments are necessary to comply with the GDPR. Of course, they first look at how they themselves process and store personal data. But it is just as important to take a critical look at the systems that collect and store the data. We are very excited that Mojo Networks has taken necessary steps and implemented mechanisms to meet GDPR requirements within the timelines. This way, we can better assist our customers and partners in guaranteeing information security and complying with privacy laws. "


Would you also like to have a GDPR-compliant wifi-netwerk?

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