Increased Ransomware!! What to do?

Security Alert: Ransomware!!


At this moment our helpdesk is flooded with questions from alarmed resellers and customers facing the consequences of the ransomware spread by phishingmails.


Ransomware has become an essential in today's IT landscape. How can you guard your organization and your customers against this threat?


During our webinars with the theme "A closer look at Ransomware” we will answer this question for you.


What can you expect?


•    Showcase - In this session Bert Janssen (Senior Security Consultant) will demonstrate the latest distribution methods of Ransomware 
     through a showcase.


•    Webroot protects with machine learning - Besides this showcase Rudie Egberink (Technical Accountmanager) will show the way in
      which Webroot Next Generation Endpoint Protection can protect your organization against Ransomware.


•    Tips - The numerous tips you will get during the whole session can be used for an even better protection against the newest  variants
      of Ransomware.


Would you like to attend such a webinar?


Please send an e-mail to and ask for one. We will contact you as soon as possible  to schedule an English version for you.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.