Hillstone launches Hillstone Security Management Platform 3.0R1

Hillstone Security Management Platform

Hillstone recently released version 3.0R1 of the Hillstone Security Management Platform (HSM) which introduced several core features that significantly enhance HSM’s management capability and high availability. These are critical updates to support large scale deployment or production environments. The new release supports all HSM platforms, including HSM50, HSM 200 and vHSM.




Distributed Deployment.

HSM supports distributed deployment which enables HSM to manage HSMs. The distributed deployment function extends the management capability of HSM platforms to unlimited instances. Each HSM can function standalone, master or slave mode, and a master HSM can manage up to 16 slave devices, with essential management and monitoring functions.


High Availability

As a centralized management platform, HSM supports high availability (HA), enabling the elimination of single points of failure (SPOF) in the network. With HSM deployed in HA mode, customers can continuously manage all their security appliances without interruption to the business.


Firewall High Availability support

HSM3.0R1 now supports management and configuration of HA appliances, including HA cluster management for Hillstone Firewalls in Active-Passive/Active-Active/Active-Peer modes, and monitoring of HA groups’ relationship and status, among other features. This reduces operational overhead for security admins.


Configuration Optimization.

In this version, importing appliance configurations, such as policy rules, iQos, NAT, routing, and bundles, are optimized to make it more logical for associations and inheritances. This feature reduces configuration complexity and improves overall user experience.


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