Hillstone launches CloudView 2.5

Hillstone launches CloudView 2.5 

Hillstone continues to address market dynamics and customer requirements as they improve their solutions with upgrades. To drive compliance, ease of use and to mitigate threats real time, a new version of Hillstone CloudView has been released.

In CloudView v2.5, to streamline and ensure compliance with GDPR regulations in Europe, Hillstone has added a data center in Europe, in addition to its existing data centers in APAC and North America. The data center in Europe satisfies GDPR compliance by storing user data locally, and not on Hillstone servers. Not only does this comply with GDPR requirements, the local data center gives users more access options and improved network performance.

Other minor features with major benefits, include:

  • Trial period extension: CloudView professional version is extended to 45 days, allowing customers more time to fully experience the solution and its benefits.  
  • Alarms for critical threats: Users get real time alerts in the event of a critical threat, allowing users timely access to threat details in order to take timely, appropriate action.


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