Hillstone introduces Server Breach Detection System V2.0

Hillstone Networks introduces the Hillstone Server Breach Detection System 2.0, which focuses on protecting critical servers within the intranet, detecting unknown and near 0-day threat attacks and finding abnormal network and application level activities of server and host machines.

Armed with advanced and innovative technologies, including Advanced Threat Detection (ATD), Abnormal Behavior Detection (ABD), Network Traffic Analytics (NTA), Threat Intelligent Correlations and Deception Technology etc., as well as traditional intrusion detection and virus scanning engines, Hillstone sBDS help customers build a visible, manageable, traceable and credible internal networks security system, which protect customers' critical assets and information from being leaked or stolen, after a breach has occurred.


Hillstone sBDS is recommendable for companies who already have next generation firewalls, and seeking supplement solution with more advanced technology to protect their critical assets. 


Watch the new data sheet and the demo video.


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