FileCap now available in eight languages

FileCap also allows organizations in other EU countries to comply with the GDPR


FileCap, a secure email and file transfer tool, is now available in eight languages: Dutch, English, German, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, French and Finnish. 


Many companies want to share privacy sensitive information with partners or customers abroad. If these are established in Europe, they also have to comply to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The FileCap server is not hosted in a public cloud, but is hosted at the customer or a reseller. After they have been encrypted, files are stored in the secure environment. Through this local storage, the customer retains control over the files that are sent or received, fully compliant to the GDPR.


How does this work in practice?
The administrator of the FileCap server determines which languages will be available to the user. He first selects a standard/default language in the administrator portal. Besides that he is able to select four preferred languages via a dropdown menu. In practice it works as follows: the sender sends an email with a secure attachment. The recipient receives an email with  a link to the user portal. Here he can retrieve the secure attachment. In the download portal the recipient can indicate which language he prefers. The communication then proceeds in the desired language.


Not only attachments, but also emails contain sensitive information. To ensure that this data does not end up somewhere unsecured, FileCap contains an option for e-mail encryption. In Outlook customers click on the FileCap button, with which they send the complete e-mail, the subject and the attachment, encrypted to the recipient. This data is retrieved in the download portal. This option is also available in eight languages.


FileCap invests in usability

Bert Janssen, IT security consultant at Contec: “The need to send privacy sensitive data in a secure manner does of course not stop at the border. Companies and organizations communicate with parties located all over the world. Ease of use is our top priority. Also for non-Dutch users. That is why we think it is important that as many people as possible are addressed in their own language. Companies that have customers worldwide or collaborate with multiple locations in Europe, but also Shared Service Centers that use FileCap, will greatly appreciate the new option. ”



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