Disastrous vulnarabilities found in endpoint solutions of Symantec and Norton. Time to take a look at Webroot !

Yesterday some disastrous vulnarabilities were found in the antivirus- and antimalware solutions of Symantec and Norton. The Google "project zero" team found out that even an attacker's unopened email is enough to compromise people's devices. Read the full article here.

This again shows that traditional security solutions are based on outdated technology that does not fully meet today's sophisticated attacks. 


How can you avoid this?


Ofcourse it is of great importance to be guarded against ransomware and zero-day malware.

Contec advises to use the Webroot Next Generation Endpoint Protection  as an effective protection for these kind of attacks.


Here you can request the whitepaper in which Webroot gives you more than 15 practical tips about this subject.


What makes Webroot unique in this?


Over the past few years, malware authors have only refined their infection techniques, and Ransomware-as-a-Service gains more traction every day. The most effective way to protect businesses and users is by understanding your adversary and the techniques they employ for their attacks. 


By using Predictive Machine Learning in combination with the cloud Webroot can protect businesses and prevent  them from facing the, sometimes disastrous, consequences of ransomware.


Start protecting your business adequately against ransomware today!


Contec organizes webinars about the unique approach of Webroot and let's you test the product itself.

You can run this product next to the current anti-virus solution.


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