Business case FileCap: Bart Jenniskens ISO at BDO Global IT "FileCap is a save alternative for public cloud services"

“FileCap is a save alternative for public cloud services”


The challenge


Public cloud services such as Dropbox are increasingly being used for sharing and making large files accessible online, These products are mostly free of charge and user friendly. Cloud solutions are also more and more popular in the business world. The disadvantage is, that in many cases the data is stored in US data centers. This means that the government can gain access to this data. Although some cloud services have opened data centers in Europe last year, Bart Jenniskens, Information Security Officer at BDO Global IT, believes that public clouds are not suitable for his company. By deploying a safe alternative, sharing and storing large files is just as easy.


The  FileCap solution


Jenniskens: "The teams of BDO Global IT work on IT projects where also large files are  shared. This happens daily with colleagues, but also with external companies. Our corporate network was not set up for this, and at the same time, BDO has the rule that we never place business data on a public cloud. This, of course, results in a conflict. That is why we started the search for a storage service that offers the benefits of a public cloud service, while being safe and self-managable at the same time. We found this in FileCap. "


Jenniskens and his colleagues compared different solutions.The main requirement was that the server should not be hosted in a public cloud, but in the secure environment of BDO. Jenniskens: "The solution that best suited our desires was FileCap. The product is easy to use, after logging in you can start immediately. The FileCap server has no relationship with other systems, and is therefore not a threat to the network. Moreover, the implementation is a piece of cake, you just install it and it works. "


"The FileCap server is situated in our own datacenter and is also managed by ourselves. If there is a problem or a question, we can contact FileCap. They have a lot of in-house network and security expertise and always offer support. Since 2015, FileCap has been used to full satisfaction by the BDO Global IT teams every day. These teams are stationed worldwide and consist of 150 employees. With FileCap we offer a secure alternative to public cloud services, so that we never burden our network unnecessarily. A wonderful solution! "