Characteristics Hillstone CloudView


Hillstone CloudView is characterized by:


Real-Time System and Traffic Monitoring

Hillstone CloudView centrally manages and monitors the status and traffic information for all supported Hillstone devices, no matter the form factor (hardware or virtual appliance) or deployment model (in the perimeter, server front or in the cloud). 



In-Depth Threat Analysis and Monitoring

With a global view of the threat landscape, and the details of threat events analysis and monitoring, customers can easily monitor the network health, and get notified of any abnormal behavior or attacks targeted on their network, in order to take prompt action to mitigate the threat. 



Comprehensive Log Retention and Reporting

Cloud-based log retention features give customers the flexibility to retain logs for longer periods of time, with a flexible subscription mode.



Access Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device

As a SaaS service hosted on a public cloud infrastructure, Hillstone CloudView enables customers to access the service from the web or mobile applications, from anywhere in the world, at any time – 365/24/7 – from any IOS or Android mobile devices.