No hidden costs, just a complete and secure file transfer solution. A blog from Thomas Calf

One FileCap license offers dozens separate portals with their own look & feel 


The Dutch are known for being careful with money. That is a very useful quality. But, the irritation can also be great when we think we have a good deal, and it turns out that we still have to pay extra afterwards. You buy a new kitchen and you have to pay extra for the delivery. Or even worse, you rent a car and you are forced to take out unnecessary insurance. This kind of collecting money at the last minute really annoys me, and I think many with me. I would prefer to know in advance what the total costs are, so that I do not feel bothered afterwards.




Fortunately, there are also companies that do understand. For example, companies who settled the shipping costs in the price and do not present hidden costs afterwards. Who value you as a customer and are transparent about their product or service. With FileCap, the safest file transfer service, we have also carefully thought about what is covered in the fixed subscription price. In doing so, we tried to think as a customer: what would we want? But we also went a step further and wondered: what would make us very enthusiastic?


The answer was quickly found: the use must be very easy, the costs must be fixed and the free options must fit well with what the customer wants. For example: an automotive company has several dealers and garages and wants to let everyone use FileCap. By using FileCap documents with privacy-sensitive information are sent securely to and from customers. But each of these garages and dealers of course wants to personalize their own FileCap portal, so it must be easy to adjust the logos and colors. Recognizability is in fact of great importance to their customers. And we understand that. The parent company purchases FileCap, and under one FileCap license they can create dozens of separate portals with their own look & feel. Without extra costs.




We have also come up with something interesting for managed service providers (MSPs) and resellers. They run FileCap on their own server environment, and let customers use the secure file transfer service. Of course it is very important for them that they can easily and quickly expand the number of licenses. The new customer of the MSP or reseller does not want to wait for days. That is why it is possible to expand the number of licenses ‘under water’ without contacting  FileCap.

We have even more different examples of options that make customers happy. But actually it all comes down to the same thing: customers want a complete product for a fixed price. Without additional tax or hidden costs. I agree with it, and hopefully it will be the new standard in 2019!




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By Thomas Calf, account manager at Contec B.V.