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Heiper ICT helps with FileCap as a service
Mark Koele
About this client: 

Heiper ICT is an IT service provider with a broad spectrum of customers in the Netherlands. These companies, with on average between 5 and 100 workplaces, are located in the legal, healthcare and education sectors, but also in the construction and hospitality industry. Heiper supports the IT applications in these organizations, from advice and implementation to management and maintenance.


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Contec and this client: 

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies are obliged to handle personal data with care and lawfully. For many organizations, this required adjustments to the way in which people collect, process, store and send this data.


Heiper ICT started to look for a solution for customers with which they can securely send and receive privacy-sensitive information.


Customers often searched for an alternative for the online service WeTransfer.


However, Heiper ICT does not offer FileCap as a product, but as a service. "For this it is important that FileCap is easy for us to manage and easy for our customers to use," says Mark Koele, project manager at Heiper ICT. "FileCap meets both conditions."


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